Mark Winkler and Melody Jacobson on stage 2

Here with Melody Jacobson Krever, my first and I guess the only girlfriend. We were so young then!

Song: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Composed By: Rodgers & Hammerstein

Sung By: Melody Krever & Mark Winkler

Accompanied By: Ruth Girard

Date Recorded: 1980

This is a musical moment I will never forget. A duet recorded over 37 years ago with Melody Jacobson Krever my first – and last – girlfriend. By this time, I was seriously considering becoming a professional singer. And Melody, bless her, was very gracious in this performance. She took a back seat and, as you can tell from the photo above, let me wail away. And, while the piece is somewhat compromised by the poor recording quality, there’s something about our unpolished youthful energy that I really like.

On a Side Note

Ironically, my voice teacher at the University of Michigan, Katherine Hilgenberg, originated the role of Nettie Fowler in the Lincoln Center version of Carousel. And Nettie was the character who sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. That’s why, a scant 35 years later, I would like to dedicate Melody’s and my performance to the memory of Katherine Hilgenberg.

Mark Winkler's first voice teacher featured in Carousel at the Lincoln Center