Song: Cantata Dalla Guerra Amorosa

Composed By: Frederic Handel

Sung By: Mark Winkler

Accompanied By: Yakov Kreizberg

Date Recorded: 1982

Handel Cantata – Della Guerra Amarosa

For the second song of my jury recital, Della Guerra Amarosa by Handel, my accompanist was my fellow Michigan music student Yakov Kreizberg, a Russian Jew studying to be a conductor. His support for me during the recital was the only way I got through it.

Years have passed since then and, when I googled his name a while ago, I found out he’d become one of the top three conductors in the world, replacing the legendary Herbert Von Karajan at the Berlin Philharmonic. So I reached out to him and we briefly relived some very nostalgic moments from school. Yakov was an incredible musician.

I say “was” because when I looked up the correct spelling of his name for this post, I was shocked to discover he died of cancer on March 15th, 2011. The news of his death hit especially close to home since we shared the exact same birthday.

So I post this recording in memory of Yakov, and though I am far from perfect in it (but I didn’t drop a beat), I can tell you it was one of the greatest moments of my life to have been accompanied by this world-class musician.