A Warm August Night – 2011

Post Cancer Homecoming

This is one of those unforgettable moments! A glimpse of a night on Lake of the Woods aboard the M.S. Kenora. It was the celebration of my Post Cancer Homecoming with all my old friends.  Here is a link to an article in the local newspaper that summarizes the event. Newspaper Article

Kenora Reunion of Mark Winkler's Family and Friends

From top left going around the clock: 1. Me with Nikki Dubenski 2. With the Litmans, 3. With Suzanne Gilbert 4. Sookie Katz and Marlene Lundin 5. With Dell Ambs 6. With Jerry Litman 7. With Dorothea Belanger and Blaine Goodridge, 8. With Ruth Bowiec.