Composition: Prelude B Flat Major

Composed By: J.S. Bach

Performed By: Mark Winkler

Date Recorded: 1973

Bach Prelude B Flat Major, What was I thinking?

As a boy growing up in Kenora, I practiced piano every morning at home, at the same time: 6:00 AM. I played and recorded this rendition of Bach’s Prelude 50 years ago, in 1973, at that very early hour. Right below my parent’s bedroom. The fact that they didn’t throw me out into the snow proves their unconditional love. I borrowed a reel-to-reel tape deck from school for the recording. It was a bulky machine with two large wheels of magnetic tape that spun in tandem like twin carousels. Thinking about that tech dinosaur brings back fond memories of analog days gone by. As does the music itself, which I love for its fast tempo and repetitive rhythms.

Fugue no 21 in 3 voices in B Major Sheet Music