An Explanation...

I decided to create this website so that I would have a place to call home for all the events that have taken place in my life. It includes many different threads that make up a tapestry. I call these threads "Life's Little Moments."

The links you see on the left (hamburger bun for phone and tablet) represent a category containing those moments.

Weaving this tapestry together has been a real awakening for me. I realized that I have completed so many interesting chapters in my life.

Some funny, some momentous and some meaningless and some -- I'm afraid to say -- sad. Please understand that this site will constantly evolve as I add more and more chapters. There is a lot of ground to cover and I’ve just barely scratched the surface.

I hope you will enjoy and in some cases even identify with some of these varied experiences as I share "Life's Little Moments" with you.