Sailboat on the ocean with a sunset backdrop 2

To the Cape to Celebrate

On the weekend of October 13th, 2019, I celebrated my birthday with good friends who traveled from all over to be with me. Sandra Arnold and sister Pamela Adam put us up at their Inn (A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay), where we spent 3 beautiful days together. The theme of the weekend was “To the Cape to Celebrate.” And celebrate we did. From fine dining to a tour of the JFK Museum; a lobster boat cruise followed by a Sunday brunch (with a violinist thrown in for good measure). It was all magical. Even Lilly, my dog, had her portrait plastered on my birthday cake. But the highlight was when my longtime friend Bob Cortez revealed a video that he pieced together for my birthday. This video flashed my entire life in front of my eyes in less than 4 minutes.

The Highlights

And if that wasn’t enough, Bob made a video candids of the entire weekend.  I may add he had very few photos to work with.  But, you will definitely get a taste of what a great time we had.

The Group At The JFK Museum

My Birthday Cake Featuring Lilly

The Group 50 Years From  Now!