Song: Der Floh (The Flea)

Composed By: Ludwig van Beethoven

Performed By: Mark Winkler

Accompanied By: Yakov Kreizberg

Date Recorded: 1982

Beethoven Der Floh

This is a good example of the “meaningless moments” that I mentioned on the home page. It’s just me, at 22 year’s of age, singing about a frickin’ flea, an annoying, inconsequential insect. But consequential enough for the great Beethoven to have composed one of his few German songs about it. So maybe it’s not meaningless after all.

A little secret..
You have arrived at my favorite part of the website. Below is where I store all my gems.

Some Extra Singing Moments

What follows are six vocals from my graduating recital at the University of Michigan in 1982. They’ve all been cleaned up digitally which greatly improved their sound quality. But what really makes these songs so special is my Russian-born fellow student accompanist, Yakov Kreizberg.  Yakov has the ability to make a simple piano sound like a full orchestra. I am very fortunate to have had such an extraordinarily talented musician accompany me on these works.

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