Renovating an Apartment is not a "Little Moment"

When I moved into my current apartment in the year 2000 I hated the furniture that I already owned ... It just did not fit properly into my new apartment. But for the next 8 years, I lived in an old granny’s apartment.

Finally, a friend of mine tricked me into renovating my apartment. His approach was devilishly sneaky. He offered a few suggestion on how to improve my bedroom. Shockingly, by the second week, he had moving trucks picking up all the furniture I owned. That same day all my furniture had been donated to thrift stores and he then proceeded to embark on a renovation that took 5 years to complete.

Many headaches, many lawsuits, many overages, and many panic attacks later, I can honestly say I love my apartment.

What you see above is a "before" and "after" video comparison of my apartment. Each “before” image is followed by the “after” image. I tried to morph the 2 images together so that you are looking at the exact same location before and after.

A word of advice about renovating:

· Never decide to renovate if you think it will be only a few months out of your life.

· Be prepared for a divorce if you are married.

· Be prepared to be brought down to your knees financially.

I will tell you that the next time I move, it will be horizontally and not vertically.