Surprising My Mother...Bittersweet.

This picture is one that is bittersweet to me. It was my mother's 60th birthday dinner. We were at our favorite Kenora restaurant ... The Kenwood Steakhouse. I have so many fond memories of this restaurant. The best steaks you ever tasted. But unfortunately, it is closed now. The owners Zen and Sharon Katz were very close friends of my parents, and to this day I keep in contact with Sharon (or "Sookie" as I affectionately call her).

Charlie and I surprised my mother with the one thing she had always wanted, a brilliant pair of diamond earrings. That’s the sweet part. You are looking at the moment she opened the box and realized what it was. She sobbed with joy for hours.

The bitter part of this picture is because this was one of the last happy moments she had in her life as she found out a few days later that she had cancer and 10 months later she died.

Mark Winkler - Still Moments 11

A black & white collage I created many years ago of my mother and her two closest friends, Sharon Katz and Celine Hanton. Both are still with us today enjoying life to its fullest.