My First Signs of Showing Creativity.

Mark Winkler - Musical Moments 04

Composition: Nocturne - e minor

Composed By: Frederic Chopin

Performed By: Mark Winkler

Date Recorded: 1974

This is a piano piece I played in 1974. I'm posting it because it was while learning this piece that I felt I finally understood how to make a musical phrase.

I studied/analyzed this piece so intensely when I was 14 years old. Afterwards, I was confident that I knew what needed to happen to make it work musically.

My piano teacher, Sister Gabriel Bruyere, at that time was smart and let me do my thing and only chimed in when it was obvious I was lost. That creative freedom gave me the confidence later on in life to take the creative risks that were necessary for anyone be successful.

It is a 3-minute Nocturne from Chopin that is so beautiful to listen to before you go to sleep. "Nocturne" means "night music". Once again, I apologize for the quality but it was recorded in my parent's basement (below their bedroom) in 1974.

Nocturne in e minor - 05.mp3