A Terrifying Moment... What's Going to Come Out of My Mouth?

Song: Mi Parto

Composed By: Cosimo Bottegari

Sung By: Mark Winkler

Accompanied By Yakov Kreizberg

Date Recorded: 1982

To the right is the Earl V. Moore School of Music in North Campus at The University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Top notch students, with top-notch faculty, at a top notch school.

Mi Parto - 01.mp3

This was my opening selection to my jury recital at The University of Michigan School of Music. Anyone who has attended music school knows that this moment in your life has got to be the most daunting undertaking you could ever imagine.

A jury is your graduating recital where you have all your friends, family and faculty there at once. And it is a pass or fail ... miss a beat and it's a fail. I had laryngitis that entire week and I was a bundle of nerves.

This opening song is not easy and as I walked out on stage I had no idea what was going to come out of my mouth. I was a wreck. All I remember is that I kept saying to myself "I am a professional ... I will get through this." And then I opened my mouth and thank the lord it was a good sound.

No one could tell I had laryngitis...and after a few measures into the song I settled down and got my stride for the rest of the recital. For those who are interested in technique, take special note at the 1:25 mark. I even surprised myself on how well that high "E" came out ... for a baritone, very high and yet very soft (pianissimo) equals trouble most of the time.

The program that I sang for my graduating recital.

The program that I sang for my graduating recital.