Lake of the Woods...with Friends

It all began...

in June of 2013 when I decided to rent a cottage on beautiful Lake of the Woods, in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. I had invited Bob Cortez, my ex-boss and his wife, Linda who I have become good friends with over the past few years. This cottage is just a mile or so from another good friend, Dorothea Belanger (remember the flute player in the "Supporting Dorothea" section?). Her husband Mark is an excellent fisherman and a great guide to this enormous lake of over 14,000 islands. Mark is a man of many talents. In addition knowing all there is to know about the lake, he also built his own brick pizza oven near his dock so they could bake pizzas and be by the lake. What you see below is a combination of beautiful nature mixed with beautiful people ... a great little moment in my life.

These are two very important people in my life, Bob and Linda. I Invited them up to Lake of the Woods because they love to fish. I teamed them with Dorothea's ace fisherman's husband Mark and the story can be told by this picture. Two very satisfied tourists.

While out on the lake, heading to a restaurant on an island called Wiley's Point, we came across this rock formation with thousands of cormorants nesting gracefully on the cliff wherever there was room. We turned down the motor and just soaked in the beauty while they sang to each other. It was glorious.

And here is the mighty group at Dorothea and Mark's home on Storm Bay Road. This was taken before Name-Your-Own-Pizza Party at the dock. From left to right: Wayne Kelso, Michelle Lundy, Mark Belanger, myself, Dorothea Belanger, Bob and Linda Cortez. Take a look at the video below for more info.

Here is Mark Belanger's hand-built pizza oven in action. The "pizzaiolos are Bob and Linda. They actually did a great job. Filmed In the style of Julia Child. For a step-by-step look at how Mark built this oven, click here: Building a Wood Burning Pizza Oven.


Update: June, 2015

Linda's 29" Pike

Linda and Bob came back up to Kenora in June 2015. Leave it to Linda to catch a 29" walleye. Our guide Mark Belanger said he has only caught a few like the one you see above in the 50 years he's been fishing on Lake of the Woods. Unbelievable! P.S. The walleye was released back into the waters immediately. As Linda stated, "if this fish lasted this long in the lake, it's not going to be me that takes it out!"