A Dog's Love

In February of 2013, I adopted a dog. She had been in a kill shelter with no human contact for six months, waiting for the inevitable. Lilly (named after my mother) has turned out to be a complete joy. It is unconditional love on both sides. Though she understandably has some anxieties from her isolation and confinement, we’ve been working on them and she’s shown constant improvement.

In May of 2013, I finally saw the dog that she was meant to be. I took her up to Cape Cape where she finally dropped the last of her defenses and learned what enjoying life is all about. This is certainly a very special "little moment" in my life as I also was there with close friends who mean a lot to me. Please enjoy this short video celebrating my dog and my friends.

Above is a video of Lilly playing at home. There isn't a doubt in my mind that she is the most photogenic dog on this planet...proof: look below!