Only Two Pictures Exist. Really!

Believe it or not, there are only two pictures that exist on this earth with all five of my immediate family together. I really can't explain it. Though my eldest brother leaving for University at an early age is probably the biggest reason since we have many pictures of the four of us.

Mark Winkler - Still Moments 02

This picture was taken at Jay’s wedding in Toronto, Ontario in 1980 From left to right are my step-grandfather Harry Peck, my grandmother Rose Peck, my father, Helen (Jay’s wife), Jay, my mother, myself and then Lawrence.

So there were only two occasions in our entire lives that got the five of us together Ironically, it was both of my brothers’ weddings!

Mark Winkler - Still Moments 03

This picture was taken in Winnipeg Manitoba at my eldest brother's wedding in 1985. From left to right my brother Jay, my father, my mother, my brother Lawrence and myself.