Ah Yes...A Moment with My Family

This video is the only visual record of the last year my mother and father shared together (my mother died the following year of cancer). It clearly shows the deep love that they had for each other. After 43 years of marriage, their love was stronger than it had ever been.

The video was shot at an evening celebrating my father’s accomplishments as mayor, a very important accolade and one he richly deserved. But this video is much more to me than that because it captures the unconditional love that my parents had for each other. We see my mother in her warmest moments and my father overwhelmed with emotion…something few people ever got to see.

On the lighter side, it shows my late brother Jay demonstrating a great talent that few knew he had: he was a great comedian. When Jay told a joke, he would pause afterward and then give that devilish grin, as if saying to himself, “Yep, I nailed that one.” (just watch carefully after his first monologue in the video).

Also shown are many of our family’s friends including Helene Dubenski (who passed away in 2013 at the age of 99) and my high school friend Lana Wong who helped arrange the evening’s event. You can see me in my early thirties and the house I grew up in. There’s even a three-second glimpse of the family dog, Kara.

If you knew my family, you will recognize how well this video portrays who we all really were. And, if you never met my parents before, watch and witness two very special people who cared dearly for each other, their family and friends.

This video above is a collection of photos that include my immediate family. It was created in a dark black and white style as it is being used as a visual mural in my living room. The picture gallery below gives some description of the photos used in the video.


The Nitty Gritty Details

Below are two links:

1. The first is an in-depth heritage book I created for my family. At places, it goes back 11 generations.

2. The second is a link to my family tree.

My Heritage Book

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