Happiest Moments with Charlie and My Parents...

Happiest Moments

The mid-90's were the happiest times of my parent's lives and also for Charlie and me. The main reason was that my parents wrapped their arms around Charlie and treated him like a son. They had an incredible relationship. My parents always included Charlie in whatever they did ... and if anyone dares say a bad word about Charlie, you would see a side of my mother that would frighten Frankenstein.

It was at times uncomfortable when my mother would confide in Charlie with issues that she would not even tell me about ... her own son! They had some type of chemistry that was intoxicating. I use to get goosebumps when I would think how fortunate I was to have this unique "admiration club" right in front of me.

Sadly, none of these people are alive today, so I am glad I can remember this period so vividly... we all were so lucky to have each other. I hope these pictures radiate the special bond that we all had.