One of the greatest things that New York City has to offer is Broadway. I’ve seen many great productions while living here in New York City and yet, every time I go, I’m always amazed at how incredibly talented these Broadway performers are. They go on for nine performances a week and must thrill their audiences, every single time, without faltering.

Springsteen on Broadway

I’m always asked what my favorite Broadway productions are. Well, “Springsteen on Broadway,” is definitely one of the top 2 on my list. Bruce Springsteen, alone onstage with no other musicians, tells his life story and sings 25 songs flawlessly. Two and a half hours without intermission! At the age of 69!! His stories were riveting, spiritual and deeply moving. And the music? Well, you already know about his music. I happen to see it with my soulmate from Kenora Nikki (whom I mentioned in “Friendly Moments”). The evening was magical.

Hamilton on Broadway

However, nothing can come close to my number one choice of my favorite production ever… “Hamilton.” Composer and lead actor Lin Manual Miranda is the Shakespeare of our time. He is brilliant. The musical was flawless from beginning to end and to this day, I can’t get his melodies out of my mind. The pictures below were taken on the night of his final Broadway performance as Hamilton.

My Collection

Below is just a smattering of Broadway shows that I have attended while living in the greatest city in the world.