A Tribute to Charlie, 1953-2010

A celebration and tribute to the life of Charles S. Kaplan ... my friend, long-time companion, and partner for over 25 years.

This above photo journal is divided into four sections:

Part One: Pictures of his world travels in the past few years (travel was his number one passion).

Part Two: Pictures dated prior to 1985 (before I met him).

Part Three: Pictures of us together with our friends from 1985-2000.

Part Four: Pictures of Charlie with my family (my parents adored Charlie and I dare say that these were the happiest times of all our lives).

Mark Winkler - Video Moments 10

      2 months after we met each other. It was taken at the Rainbow Mountain Resort in the Poconos, Pennsylvania in 1985.

Mark Winkler - Video Moments 08

The picture to the right is of Charlie and his best friend Steven Quint when they were in college together. Steven and his son Paul (Charlie's godson) were at the hospital with me a few hours before he died. To this day we all just stare at each other in disbelief that Charlie is no longer with us.

Mark Winkler - Video Moments 09
Charlie at the age of 28 with his godson Paul. Paul is now 29 years old and attended Charlie’s funeral. To this day I keep in contact with him. In fact...

in 2013, Paul purchased Charlie's old apartment from me.  This is Paul's first home purchase and he wanted Charlie's apartment as he knew Charlie took great care of his property.  Paul moved in with his now wife Yuen. The picture above was taken at their wedding in July of 2015.